Cherry Pitter

Realizing that there was a gap in performance in the market, AEH product team decided to tackle the cherry pitter- a staple tool of pastry chefs and home cooks alike.

The result was a highly intuitive product that exceeded expectations.

Step 1: Identify Pain Points

AEH’s first step was to look at the selection of Cherry Pitters currently on the housewares market and determine their strengths and design flaws. We then pay close attention to comments and customer’s feedback on these existing range of Cherry Pitters from customers to engineer the prefect Cherry pitter that pleases even the most discerning kitehcnware buyers.

Cherry juice often sprays out and makes a mess.

The Cherry pit tends to fly after use

The process of placing the cherry is complicated.

It is repetitive and time consuming, only pitting one cherry at a time

Many pitters get jammed, forcing stoppage for clearing.

Step 2: Design & Prototype

Using these complaints and known product issues as a starting point, we got to work brainstorming how the process of pitting cherries could be improved and what methods could aid in saving time and preventing useless repetitive motions.

Most recipes that include cherries require a large amount of the fruit and pit removal is the most time consuming part of the cooking process, causing some chefs to avoid using fresh fruit.

Design Proposal: Create a product that removes and collects multiple cherry pits and during this process protects the user from splashes of cherry juice.

Step 3: Final Product

Our final design takes all of the requirements into consideration and creates a product that is innovative and useful to both professional and home chefs at an affordable price.

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