Garlic Press

A client came to us with a request to re-engineer a Garlic Press that was more efficient and effective at peeling and pressing Garlic. Our team was able to provide them with a solution that exceeded their expectations.

Step 1: Identify Pain Points

AEH’s first step was to look at the current selection of Garlic Presses on the market and determine design flaws with existing models.

Be able to peel and press the Garlic at the same time.

Whole cloves of Garlic require strength to press.

Prevent pieces of Garlic from spraying on surface.

Cleaning a normal press can be difficult.

Many presses waste the Garlic.

Step 2: Design & Prototype

Using these issues as a starting point, our team got to work addressing problems with existing products and attempting to create a superior version at an affordable price.

Step 3: Final Product

The final Garlic Press was a massive success and was a recipient of the 2016 Red Dot award for its ‘convincing ease of use’ and ‘well-balanced aesthetics’.

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