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Individuals, institutions and organizations work with us on innovative product ideas that benefit household consumers.

A Collaboration for Success

AEH’s partnership with leading brands in the housewares industry make us the ideal partner for your work. 

 AEH collaborates with independent designers, engineers and factories from across the globe. These partnerships have led to the creation of innovative new designs and manufactured into tangible reality. 

We look for long term partnerships. Our best factory partners for sourcing have an ongoing collection of new product development. Our best factory partners for our designs have strong tooling and engineering facilities. Many of these partners have worked with us for many decades.

 By working with us, Designers and Engineers can quickly bring their design ideas and skills to serve the market. Factories will be able to realise their full production capacity, 

Industrial Designers

Our previous partnerships with Industrial designers have led to strong market penetration. We look for international designers who have a passion for cooking, and can research and understand the consumers needs in their local market, which in turn allow them to think out of the box with new product solutions. If this sounds like you, contact us below. 

Industrial Engineers

Engineers are pivotal to bring a product ideas to life. We look for collaboration with people who will find ways to make a design work with effective functionality and cost of production. 

If this sounds like you, Contact us below.


 Factories remain our key partners. We are constantly looking to develop long-term partnerships with global factories who can produce in a timely, cost efficient and quality manner. 

If this sounds like you, Contact us below.


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We appreciate your interest to work with with us. If you think you align with our values and business, contact us below.

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