For a decade, AEH has been collaborating with independent designers and inventors from across the globe. This successful partnership has led to the creation of designs manufactured into a tangible reality.

How It Works

AEH looks to work with highly talented and motivated product and industrial designers. In the last decade, we have collaborated with numerous independent designers and designers from universities and other institutions around the world. With a team of industrial designers stationed in Hong Kong and in-house engineers overlooking production in China, AEH provides fully integrated, one stop solutions to your project from a single idea to final production.

Our collaboration includes independent designers and inventors and final year university students. If you have an interest in cooking and or ideas in our product categories or simply want the opportunity to expand your horizons in our field, we welcome you to contact us. Please send in your CV and design portfolio with the form below.

Successful candidates will work remotely from their country and will be linked with one of our supervisors. Generally, our collaboration stems mainly from the ideation stage of a project, using design research techniques to identify design opportunities and developing these opportunities into product concepts. 

Please contact us for more information on pay. 


  • Flexibility. Originally our program was designed for students but in recent years has also extended to fresh graduates and independent designers and inventors. The role is a flexible one where designers are paid as they submit and are not contracted to a certain number of hours.
  • Stand out from your peers. Our program has helped students stand out in the job market as a graduate. Many employers have found a lot of graduates with little or no real product design experience outside of their yearlong placement year. This freelance role helps students to stand out from the crowd where products designed by them can make it to the market place.
  • Learn the commercial aspects of product design. As a student working for us on a freelance basis you will learn the commercial aspects of the product design business that you simply do not get exposed to on a degree course.
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